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Paul Signac : Art in Collioure Paul Signac (1863-1935) - was one of the first painters to spend time in the village of Collioure. He produced the following work in 1887. Signac had a distinctive painting style and is credited in helping to develop the pointillist movement, where numerous small dots of strong colours are used to develop and shape one's works.

Although from Paris, Signac loved sailing and coastal life, and as such, most of his well-known works are of the French coast from St Tropez right around to Collioure. He also produced a number of works on the Italian coast and spent another summer traveling by boat around the Mediterranean as far as Turkey.

It is understood that both Matisse and Derain, who later became the founders of Fauvism as a result of their art-works produced in Collioure, were greatly influenced by Signac.

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Art Collioure

Collioure Bay, 1887