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Rudolph Ihlee: Art in Collioure Rudolph Ihlee (1883 - 1968) - born in London, Ihlee was a graduate of the London Slade School of Fine Arts and it was here that he was awarded a number of prizes. Prior to moving to Collioure in 1921 he staged many successful solo exhibitions in England and Wales.

During the First World War Ihlee worked at the Westwood Drawing Office and during this period produced numerous lithographs, most around 1918. After the War he exhibited at Leister Galleries and then moved to Collioure with his French wife, Isabelle in 1921.

Research suggests that Ihlee and Charles Rennie Mackintosh were good friends and that perhaps Ihlee encouraged Mackintosh and his wife to visit him. They arrived in 1923, staying for the next four years and living in the adjoining fishing village of Port Vendres. Both artists painted in and around Collioure and Port Vendres with Ihlee's compositions showing clear similarities to Mackintosh's works. Both have a style of creating blocky, structural landscapes where nature and buildings blend and foregrounds are often emphasized with an interesting use of perspective.

The work below was painted by Ruldoph Ihlee on the road near fort behind the old village, at Boramar Beach in Collioure, looking towards the church. The orange in the painting is the top of the Collioure church tower.

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Art Collioure

Sunset in Collioure, 1922