Collioure Fauves

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Fauvism Art Trail : Art in Collioure

Fauvism Art Trail: 1905 - discover some of the works created by André; Derain and Henri Matisse during their 1905 summer in Collioure. It was from these Collioure works, that the term and subsequent movement, Fauvism, was created.

Follow the trail of 20 reproductions through the village, many of which you find just by walking along the waterfront promenade. Or perhaps visit the Espace Fauvre near the Collioure Tourist Office, and buy the Chemin du Fauvisme booklet for a self-guided walk to discover where all of these works were first painted, or book yourself on a guided tour (in French). Alternatively, just wander around Collioure and you'll encounter many of the, now famous, reproductions.

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Fauvism in Collioure

Collioure Fauvism Art Trail