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Art and Literature in Collioure

One of the first painters to spend time in Collioure was Paul Signac in the late 19th century. He was followed by Matisse and Derain in the early 20 century and later - Chagall, Dufy, Mackintosh, Ihlee, Dali and Picasso.

Reclusive writer Patrick O'Brian , made Collioure his home for more than 50 years, moving here in 1946 with his Russian wife. He and Picasso became close friends both enjoying the Catalan way of life in this small secluded fishing village. O'Brian later wrote a biography of Picasso.

Artists in Collioure-

Paul Signac

Fauvism Art Trail

Mackintosh Art Trail

Rudolph Ihlee

Literary greats from Collioure:

Patrick O'Brian

Antonio Machado

Some artists and writers who've stayed at our Cottage or Studio

Collioure's Museum of Modern Art holds regular contemporary art exhibitions. It is located on the Route de Port Vendres, near the Dominican Convent. Just a 30 minute drive inland you'll discover the Ceret Museum of Art. It houses many works from the great artists such as Picasso (especially his ceramics), Dali and Chagall. An hour south of Collioure, in Figueras, is the spectacular and unforgettable Dali museum.